The requirements that staff in inland waterway transport have to meet, have become increasingly high. This is the result of the increase of multimodal transport within the modern logistics chain and more rigid safety regulations. This contributed to an increased demand for well-skilled staff. However, often there is a lack of well-skilled staff in inland navigation. Therefore, it is important to improve education within inland navigation.

With an increasing globalisation, also in inland navigation, it is important that there takes standardization between the education programs place. This can be achieved by international cooperation between educational institutes concerned. Education can be stimulated and improved by the use of new learning methods, for example by e-learning.





In the past, the project eWIT (Web-based Intermodal Inland Waterway Transport Training for Europe) was executed, being funded by the European Commission as part of the Marco Polo I programme. During this project, a European Concept for Web-based Training on Inland Navigation had been realised within INeS, the Inland Navigation eLearning System. INeS is a web-based e-learning platform focusing on inland navigation.

As a follow-up of eWIT, the project "European Web Platforms and Training Concepts for Inter-modal Inland Waterway TrAnsport" (EWITA), subsidised by the European Union as part of the Marco Polo II-Programme, was officially launched in July, 2008 and continued till July, 2010. The main objective of this project was the implementation of e-learning platforms for the Danube and the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt corridors. These e-learning platforms facilitate training for education centres with regards to the European intermodal transport and inland navigation.



Standardization was already part of the EWITA-program. In order to increase the standardization among European inland navigation education, EDINNA was founded in 2009. EDINNA is a European foundation, in which training and education institutes for inland navigation from different European countries cooperate, aiming to develop the Standards of Training and Certification Inland Navigation (STCIN).


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