Atlas on inland waterways transport

RiversoftheWorld_Atlas-1In this “Rivers of the World” Atlas you will find an overview of many aspects that are related to the developments in inland navigation in the Netherlands. Not only the investments in the maintenance and upgrading of the infrastructure are important to the sector, but also aspects like institutional support, professional training facilities and fleet development should be taken into consideration if you want to exploit the full potential that inland shipping offers. As many other countries in the world dispose of navigable waterways as main transportation arteries, also information is given about important developments in other rivers basins all over the world. The Atlas describes best practices that provide a more profound knowledge of some recent developments in the area of inland navigation. The Dutch expertise may support other countries that are in the process of developing the inland navigation sector. At the website more information can be found and - if you have more questions after reading this Atlas - you can contact us.

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